Quad city Toledo winner

Midwest Thunder winner Jr. Honda


2013 5th pace Quad city Jr. Honda points


Quad City Racing Series Points Champion  Jr. Honda & Junior Animal


Jr. Animal Winner Little Hoosier 100









 MWT winner Heavy 160.  Miami Valley Oh.




Heavy 160 winner at the Rumble

2016 USAC Gen Next points Unrestricted Animal 2nd place

2015 Midwest Thunder  2nd place Mod points. 4th place Senior Honda

Winner Battle at The Brickyard.  Unrestricted Animal

Sr. Honda Xenia, Oh

 2014 Midwest Thunder season points 5th place Jr. Animal.  5th place mod

Unrestricted Animal Winner Waterford MWT

Unrestricted Animal winner Midwest Thunder  Macochee.

URA winner Chicagoland USAC25 National

Back in the day.  Nc 1900 At Toledo.  !st Tri city race as a Red Rookie.

2016 MWT  points 2nd Heavy 160. 2nd Unrestricted Animal