May 13th Butler Speedway.  Quincey Mi. 
No hot laps jumped straight into qualifying Qualified 7th quick in his first laps in  our 410!
Started on pole of heat and after trying some sliders and leaving the door open a little to much got 4th.
Started 7th in the main and battled all race long and moved around to get 8th.
Overall a great first night out rolled it into the trailer and got a top 10!  Great debut!

May 20th Fremont Speedway Freemont Oh.
Went 7th quick in hot laps
21st quick overall In qualifying out of 30
Started 5th in heat finished 6th.  Went to the B main and did not advance with a bent up front wing.   A tough night. Learning as we go.

May 27th Fremont Speedway Freemont Oh. 
Qualified 8th quick overall 5th in our group
Started 5th in heat finished 6th.  In the Feature started 16th finished 15th.

June 3rd Fremont Speedway Freemont Oh.
Qualified 6th quick overall (4th in group) in a good showing.
Heat race started on pole and fell to  finished 6th.
Started 20th in the feature and drove up to 14th.

 June 17th Butler Speedway Quincy Mi.  In a 24 car field  Qualified 6th quick overall.   Went 3rd to 3rd in a very good heat.  Feature started 9th finished 6th  He was throwing sliders all night long and appeared to be comfortable for the first time.   Bobby used every lane on the track and wheeled his way to grab a 6th place finish. Very happy how it went.

June 30th Attica speedway Attica Oh. 
Qualified 6th in our group.    Went 6th to 6th in our heat
16th to 14th in the feature in a good learning experience

July 7th Lernerville Speedway.  Sarver Pa.  Unloaded 4th quick in hot laps.  Pill draw put us starting 8th in the heat.  Had a great run to finish 2nd to put Bobby in the redraw.  In the feature started 4th and faded a bit to 8th and fought his way back up to a 4th place finish!

July 22nd Spoon River Speedway Canton, Illinois.  Bobby's first All Star race-  Went 6th overall quick in hot laps and well, had a hiccup in qualifying and hit the wall and rolled it.   

After a ton of work at night and the next day we sort of had a car back together.

July 23rd Red Hill raceway Sumner, Illinois.  Also an All Star race.   With not our best car Bobby qualified 21st quick.  The heat race he went 7th to 7th, which put him in the B main.   In the B main went 3rd to 2nd to qualify for his first All star A main.  In the feature he went from 20th to 18th.

August 4th Lernerville Speedway Sarver. Pa. 
 Went 4th quick in hot laps.  Heats are by pill draw started 
5th  moved to 4th.  In the feature went  10th to 13th.  Kind of a swing and a miss type night on all ends.

August 5th Mercer Speedway Mercer PA. Qualified 9th overall.
Started 6th in the heat made a move to 3rd a lap in and got shoved up  and over the top  of the racetrack falling back to 7th finishing there.
Started 19th in the feature and finished 12th getting the hard Charger on a race that went green the entire way.  Needed one caution.

  August 12th.  Butler Speedway, Quincy Mich.
Went 3rd  quick overall in qualifying.
6 hours later we ran out heat.
Heat race started 4th finished 3rd  In the Feature ( track was rubbered) started 9th was running 6th moving forward with 3 to go and blew a RR going into the turn. Got it changed and got back up to 11th.

August 25th Tri City Speedway, Auburn Mich.   With the  All Stars.  Went 23rd quick in qualifying.   Started 8th in the heat and dropped to 10 was back up to 7th when we broke and came to a stop in turn 4.  A short night on the track followed by a long night working on the car

August 26th Butler Speedway Quincy Mi.  With the All Stars, arrived late after repairs.  Had a disappointing qualifying run at 30th overall.  Went 8th to 7th in the heat, which put us in the B.  B went 6th to 7th- not enough.

September 2nd Attica Raceway.  Attica Oh. With the All Stars Qualified 10th in our group and 16th overall out of 37.  Started 10th in the heat moved to 8th.  Out in the B

September 9th Fremont Speedway.  Went quick time in our group qualifying.  Got burned by a late caution in the heat race while running 3rd fell to 6th.  Could not move in the B main to 8th.

September 26th Eldora Speedway, Rossburg Oh.  On the first trip to the big half mile we had some first time issues.  
  In the heat race  went 7th- to 6th.
B main 10th to12th.  He improved each time on the track and we all learned.

October 6th.  Lincoln Speedway.  Putnamville, Indiana
Qualified 4th out of 50 cars
Heat race 3rd-> 4th
B main 1st-> running in the transfer 300ft away from a A main start and got bulldozed DNF.