‚Äč2021 Outlaw Micro

May 26-29 Non Winged World Championship Peru In. Hot lapped 11th quick out of 100.  Wrecked out of heat race.

4-17 Logansport Indiana.  US24 Speedway Great 8 Winged Outlaw Broke a coolant bleeder while running 5th in the feature.

5-1   US24 Speedway.   Clutch went out while running top 5 in feature. DNF

5-8 Circus City Speedway  Peru, Indiana. Went quick time 6th to 2nd in the heat and finished 2nd in the feature

5-15  Circus city Speedway 5th to 2nd in the the heat.  Clipped a lapped car while out front in the feature.  DNF

July 9th Coles County Speedway. Matoon, Ill.  First race back on the track.  Won hos heat and finished 2nd in the feature.

July 10th US24 Speedway.  Ran 4th in heat.  Feature rained out.

July 17th Jackson Speedway  Jackson, Michigan.  Qualified #2 won the heat race.   After the invert for the feature came home 2nd.

July 24th US24. The make up feature from the 10th.  Started 8th finished a strong 4th. July 24th racing finished 4th in a good heat and 8th in a quick feature.

July 30th Southern Illinois Speedway  Marion, Ill.  The Terry Sprague Memorial.  Prelim night -Went 13 to 7h in the qualifier not quite enough.

 July 31st  The Sprague went 6th to second in his heat.  Went to the qualifier where started 6th went out with 8 to go with a bent steering box from contact.

8-7 US24 Speedway Lost power steering in the heat race.   Made the  feature ended up 15th fought his way through on a hot night.

8-14 US 24 Speedway Carol Smith Memorial.  Started on the pole in his heat and led the first couple of laps until the engine blew a hole through the block.

9-4 US24 Speedway.  Won his heat, started on the front row of the feature was racing in the lead group with 6 to go and got dumped.

9-11 Jackson Speedway.  Year End 2 Day Show. Outlaw Wing, Won the heat from last.  Somehow started 13th in the main and eventually made his way up to a second place finish

9-12 Circus City Speedway.  Outlaw Wing, Won the heat.  Started outside  the front row in the feature and drove his way to the win.

Outlaw Non Wing.  Started the heat 4th and won it going away.  The A main started on  the pole and finished a tired 6th.

9-18 Circus City Speedway.  Outlaw Wing.    Went overall quick time.  Won the heat from the pole.  Started 4th in the feature, drove to a 3rd place finish.

9-25 Circus City Speedway.  Tough night, 5th in the heat.  Went to the B main finished 2nd.  Started in the back of the A main and  had a car spin in front of  him and took the axle out on the first lap.

10-9 US24 Speedway Hart series.  Went 2nd quick in hot laps.  Was up to 2nd in his heat and hit a rut and biked it up, recovered to 5th.  Started 14th in the A main and drove up to 7th on a one lane track.

10-23 US24speedway. NWO went overall quick time in qualifying.  Drew the invert in the heat and finished third.  Went from 7th to 5th in the A main.

Tulsa shootout-