5-30 Circus City Speedway.  Peru In.  Winged outlaw finished 13th in the A main in his first Winged outlaw race.

6-6 Us 24 Speedway.  Logansport In.  Went quick time in his group..   Went on to win  his first winged Outlaw race!

6-13 US 24 Speedway.  First nonwinged outlaw race.  Was a DNF in the main (20th) with a blown rt rear.

6-20 Circus city Speedway.  Non winged  outlaw race went 10th to 4th in his heat after being fastest in  his group in hot laps.  Got in the redraw fell to 11th in the main.  37 cars entered.

6/27 Circus City Peru, In. 5th in heat. 6 th place in the feature

7/9-11th The Big Dance US24 Speedway prelim  night just missed the feature.  Big dance night fought into a Lcq where he was eliminated. 

7/16-18th Non Wing World Championship, Peru In.

8/8 US 24 Speedway.  Non wing Outlaw.  Won the heat race.  Finished a strong 5th in the A main.

8-22 US24 SpeedwayNon Wing 5th in the heat to 12th in the main. 24 cars entered

8-30 US 24Speedway Non Wing went quick time.  Finished 4th in the heat.  Drove a good race in the A to a 4th place finish.

9/10-12th Southern Illinois Raceway Marion Illinois.  The Terry Sprague Memorial race.  Friday prelim night 3rd in the heat. running 5th in the qualifier blew a rt rear tire.

Saturday won the heat race against some great competition.  Finished third in the qualifier after leading 5 laps.  LCQ was 4th after 5 laps in a transfer spot and snapped a steering rod  DNF.  

9-26 Outlaw shootout Circus city. First winged race in months.  Finished 10thin the A main in Winged outlaw

10-10 US24 Speedway Outlaw went 2nd quick overall in qualifying (27 cars).  2nd in heat.  Finished a strong 3rd in the A main.

12/30-1/2 Tulsa Shootout Non Wing  Went 7th to 3rd in the heat which put Bobby directly into the Qualifier. He started 5th and ended up 7th putting him into a B main where he ran to a 4th place finish behind some Tough competition.  

Winged had a tough time in the heat fule issues struggled to 8thth.  C main car was tight ended  up10th.