2018 Results

 January 13th, Columbus, Oh- Unrestricted Animal 3rd.   Heavy World Formula 4th

February 8-11 Daytona Beach Fl.   A Double.  Heavy World Formula - Winner.  Unrestricted Animal 3rd Place.  Came from the rear with 14 to go.   Hvy. Mod World Formula Winner!

March 23-25 Nashville Tn. Dixie Thunder Regional-  Heavy Wf 3rd in a timed out  A main.  URA rain out car never hit the track.

May 19-20th Macochee West Liberty Oh MWT Saturday another rain out.  Sunday URA out in the B.  Heavy Mod World 2nd place.

May26-27th Waterford, Mi MWT 4th in heavy World Formula.  After leading 30 laps after a late caution Heavy Mod World got moved and freight trained.  Came back to finish 5th.

June 16-17th Lansing. Mi. MWT.  2nd in Heavy World Formula.   URA was leading late and got tail cone crushed and fuel valve spun.  Came back to 4th.  Mod world  Car wrecked in Heat ( scratched).

July 4-8 Battle at the Brickyard USAC National Indianapolis In. Heavy WF knocked out in the B. Last turn of the last lap got spun while in a transfer spot.  Unrestricted Animal finished 6th in the A.  Heavy Mod Formula Started 10th and worked his way up and Won it!

July 28-29 Little Kalamzoo MWT.  Heavy world formula 5th.  Ura out in the B.   Heavy Mod World 2nd

August 7-9 Pocono, Pa. USAC National.  Put all three cars in the A.  Won the heat in Heavy world  got hammered after the  caution  came out on lap 3  in the A and bent the left bars finished 9th.   URA Won the B finished 7th in the A.  Heavy Mod World  was running 2nd until lap 20....finished 8th.

Sept 7-9 Toledo MWT - Rain out both days.