February 4th Columbus-3rd in Heavy World formula in a race that timed out.  4th in a close finish in heavy 160.

February 18th-19th Columbus- 4th in Heavy 160 with a beat up front end.  2nd Place in Heavy World Formula.  Sunday- Came out of the B in Unrestricted Animal to finish 2nd in a tight race in the A main.  Modified World Formula Broke while in 3rd.

April 8th Macochee.   A double winner.  Unrestricted Animal 1st.  Heavy 160 1st.

April 22nd Toledo. Unrestricted Animal 1st. Hvy world Formula led 39 1/2 laps finished 2nd.

​May 13-14th Macochee, MWT. Heavy World Formula out in the B.  Heavy 160 5th.  Unrestricted Animal 3rd.  Modified World Formula Crashed out.

May 27-28th Waterford MWT Heavy world Formula 2nd.  Heavy 160 2nd In a close race.  Unrestricted Animal Winner!  Modified World Formula 5th on a late wreck from 2nd


June 3-4th Lansing MWT Heavy World Formula 5th despite racing the entire race with a bent  rear shock.  Heavy 160 Taken out on the first lap 12th in A.  Unrestricted Animal Won the B to finish 3rd place in the A.  Modified World Formula 4th.

June17-18th Miami Valley MWT  After a big tumble in 160 heat came out of the B to finish 6th. Heavy Wf came out of the B to finish 4th in the A.  Sunday rain out.

​July 5th-9th Battle at The Brickyard.   Knocked out in the B in Hvy 160.  Mod World Formula 4th in the A main. Unrestricted Animal Won the B main.  Started 7th in the A and won it in  A wild last 7 laps!  Great finish to the week.   First Brickyard Win!!

August 5-6th Kokomo MWT Heavy WF Knocked out in the B after getting spun from the lead.  Heavy 160 out in the B Wrecked twice from the one hole before hitting the start line.  URA finished 8th bent up.  Mod world blew up in practice.  A weekend to forget.

August 12-13th Little Kalamazoo- Heavy Wk knocked out in the B.  Heavy 160 won the B main 3rd place in the A.  URA won the B main.  3rd place in the A main.  Mod world Bird cage destroyed in the heat DNS main.

August 18-20th Pocono Gen Next URA  wrecked out 6th in the A main with a broke steering shaft.  Mod World Wrecked out.

August 26th Toledo club race 4th Heavy World Formula.  2nd URA.

Sept. 2-3rd Toledo MWT Heavy Honda in a cearly 2000's Bullrider that Bobby and his sister put together and set up them selves he went from the C to the B just missed the A. Great memory.  Heavy 160 got turned in the A and destroyed the front end.  HWF- won the B finished in the A.  URA 6th in the A.  Mod world Broke in the A.  Not a great weekend.

Sept 9-10th Buckeye MWT After a first lap wreck drove one bent up H160 to a 2nd place finish.  URA 6th.

Sept15-17th Chicagoland  USAC25 Gen next.  URA- Won the heat and The feature!  Heavy Mod World- 2nd in the heat after a great battle with Conner Gross.  Feature DNS motor trouble.